about Uzushio Guest House

Oge island in Naruto City has many sightseeing spots, such as the "Naruto Whirlpools" and "Otsuka International Art Museum".

It’s also famous for making wakame seaweed and sweet potatoes.



Setouchi National Park has a beautiful silver sand beach

and recently a music video was filmed here for the song "Voice of Setouchi” by “STU 48 of AKB 48”, a famous Japanese pop group.


It takes 1 - 2 hours by car or bus from Kansai to get here.


It’s a guesthouse where you can take it easy, have a relaxing weekend, and meet new people. 



There story of Uzushio

Uzushio is a newly renovated Guesthous, that was originally created 50 years ago by the Landlady Chika-chan, who is now 85 years old. 


We wanted to give this place new life and name it "UZUSHIO GUEST HOUSE”.


We want you to relax and forget the daily bustle. And we'd like to make it a small lodge near the sea which allows you to get back your time while looking at the sea relaxedly.


Near Uzushio Guest House, you can enjoy this scenery by driving along the coast!

Neighboring Map

1.Naruto Park 

2.The Otsuka Museum of Art

3.4.the ship watching whirling pools

5.Naruto Grand Hotel

6.Renaissance Naruto Resort


8.Yamagami Hospital

9.Toyoda-shop(souvenir shop)

10.Ristorante Fishbone(restaurant)

11.Island(goods shop)

13.Ryugu beach



16.Lawson(convenience shop for 24hrs)

17.Funamoto(udon nudle restaurant)

18.Uchinoumi Oyster Restaurant

Neighboring experience-based spots

Otsuka Museum of Art

  The world's first ceramic board art museum reproducing masterpieces in its original dimension using ceramic boards.


enjoy Whirlpool

  Whirlpool Sightseeing Boat >>>2-story boat

  High-Speed Whirlpool sightseeing boat >>>possible to get to the Naruto Park on foot



  Naruto sea kayak experience tour and cycling tour.


ISLAND ~all occasion gifts~

  You can make your original crafts with marine items here!!

  Reservation is needed.